Poems for a Birthday

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Poems for a Birthday In celebration of the 90th birthday of Hugh Anson-Cartwright on 22 November 2020. This 24 page pamphlet contains a dozen poems, including two previously unpublished poems by Richard Outram. Poets contributing to this 24 page pamphlet … Continued

Margo Swiss, “Second Gaze”

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Margo Swiss, Second Gaze Margo Swiss was born in Peterborough, Ontario. She studied at Trent, Manitoba, and York and for many years taught at York University (English, Humanities, Creative Writing). She has co-edited two volumes of scholarly essays in Early … Continued

Lee Johnson, Poetria Nova

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Growing up near the centre of the continent on a chain of lakes in rolling countryside, Lee Johnson developed a love of Nature in all its forms. His intended careers at that time were to become an ornithologist and an … Continued

Anniversary Poems

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                        $5.00 + postage   On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of The St. Thomas Poetry Series (1988-2013), a pamphlet of unpublished poems by 15 poets who have … Continued

Jeremy Clarke, Common Prayer

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Jeremy Clarke (born 5 February 1962) is a British-born poet who lives in London. Clarke’s debut collection, Devon Hymns (2010), featured artwork by John Berger and Yves Berger. A limited edition chapbook, Incidents of Travel, and the pamphlet, Common Prayer … Continued