Hannah Main-van der Kamp

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Main Loon Bay scanHannah Main-van der Kamp was born in the Netherlands and came to Canada as a girl. She worked at a special education teacher and administrator. She now lives near Powell River, British Columbia, with her husband Robert and often leads poetry workshops in Powell River as well as Victoria.
“There is an absolute sense in which all of us, as unique human beings, are ‘original’—-but originality in poetry, as in conversation, is rare. And since I have not read, and indeed could never read, all the poetry there is, I can not absolutely say that what Hannah Main-van der Kamp has done is unique—-only that I have never seen it elsewhere, never read about such a thing, and never thought of such a thing. In my experience, she is doing something new, original, and I find it very exciting . . . There is so much to praise in According to Loon Bay . . . if you are not a naturalist and not familiar with the New Testament [this collection] may not appeal to you as much as it does to me, but I am quite happy to take it as one of my ‘field guides’ and I will recommend it to anyone. I think even naturalists who are not religious would enjoy it, and for the religious—-it is a new and renewing way of dealing with the old, still pentecostal stories” (M. Travis Lane, The Fiddlehead).

“Hannah Main-van der Kamp is an accomplished poet who tackles difficult subjects with graceful ease. Her poetry yields fresh insights with each reading” (Susan McKnight, CBRA).


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Hannah reading at launch





Hannah Main-van der Kamp reading at the launch of According to Loon Bay (2004).








Hannah, Greene, di Cicco at launch




With Richard Greene and Pier Giorgio di Cicco at launch reception.






For her next book in the series, see Slow Sunday on the Malaspina Strait (2012).

Hannah is also a contributor to Poetry and Spiritual Practice (2002), Poetry as Liturgy (2007) and Anniversary Poems (2013).

Her first book in the series, With Averted Vision (2000), is now out of print.