Susan McCaslin, Veil/Unveil

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scan0003 Veil UnveilSusan McCaslin was born in the United States and lives in Langley, British Columbia, with her husband and daughter. She has published fourteen collections of poetry and has edited two anthologies. She studied at the University of Washington, Simon Fraser, and UBC, and was for over twenty years at Douglas College teaching literature and creative writing.

Alan Brown describes McCaslin’s “nuances” in this collection as combining “a homey, almost sentimental outlook on human relationships” with a “quietly ironic view of all matters intellectual and cultural.”

“McCaslin’s Veil/Unveil is a thin and gentle book of poems without irony, interested not in deconstruction, but in reconstruction and reconciliation . . . remaking the mythology of her faith to include all the positive openings which it has been denied. As a mark of her maturity, she does so with a combined strength and gentleness” (Harold Rhenisch, Arc).

“McCaslin offers new versions of the beatitudes, reconsidering meekness, divine mercy, and purity in modern contexts . . . In some fine verses, McCaslin, like her character Persephone, allows women to ‘remake her myth’” (Dominic Manganiello, Journal of Canadian Poetry).

Susan is a contributor to Anniversary Poems (2013), she edited Poetry and Spiritual Practice (2002), and her latest book in the series is The Disarmed Heart (2014)

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