Anne Corkett, Summertown

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Anne Corkett lives in Orangeville, Ontario. She has published three volumes of poetry and, with Rosemary Kilbourn, selected poems by Richard Outram and images by Thoreau MacDonald for South of North: Images of Canada (The Porcupine’s Quill, 2007).

“Corkett reveals herself as a skilled imagist . . . Corkett’s poetry achieves resonance and depth from the suggested juxtaposition of images, more evocative for their lack of narrative exposition. She resists semantic wordplay, ambiguity and intellectualization in favour of the crisp, bounded image” (Kent Lewis, Canadian Literature).

Summertown is a collection of 23 well-crafted poems that originate directly from the attentive eye that focuses a constant gaze on life . . . The miracle in Corkett’s writing is its intimacy with all things, and in the detail that feeds the soul” (Beryl Baigent, CBRA).

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