Suzanne Collins, Wonders at the Corner

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Collins Wonders scanSuzanne Collins was born and rasied in Iowa and is a dual Canadian-American citizen. Married to an Australian palaeontologist who worked at the Royal Ontario Museum, she formerly taught creative writing and medieval literature at York University.

“These are impeccably-crafted poems brimming with wit, intelligence, and verve. Seraphs and fruitbats—-not to mention ‘the kindness of the sliced banana’—-are some of the delights present in Wonders at the Corner. Suzanne Collins’s debut collection simply bedazzles.”

“Collins finds inspiration, and the opportunity for existential musing, in unlikely places: the waiting room of a car repair shop, say, or as a patient in a dentist’s chair. In fact, unexpectedness is the collection’s greatest strength—-and that quality is as evident in Collins’s crisp phrasing as it is in her penchant for looking at life from an offbeat angle. It makes for a witty, disarming debut” (Barbara Carey, Toronto Star).

“Collins is a skilled poet, and her work ranges widely, interestingly, across times and cultures. These poems . . . make a fine collection” (Thomas M. F. Gerry, CBRA).

Suzanne is also a contributor to Anniversary Poems (2013)


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With well-wisher Diego Garcia Bellido at launch reception.